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  • Why decorative curbing ?  Landscape curbing has proven to be the best choice for edging all over the world and it's appeal has grown as people have learned about it's versatile qualities.  Curbing is practical, cost-effective, and much easier to maintain than most hardscape or other concrete work.  With so many styles and patterns available, it can be designed to meet personal taste and preference. Additionally, our concrete curbing is permanent and doesn’t shift, rust, or, rot.

  • How long does the curbing process take? Typically, it only takes one day for most projects.  Once we complete your curbing, there will be no maintenance needed for your new landscape border/edging choice.

  • When and how is the curb design determined?  When we come out to do your free estimate, we will talk with you about your preferences on design.  Prior to, or, the day of your curbing installation, we will use bio-degradable spray paint to outline the proposed design for your approval.

  • Will you damage my yard during the curbing installation?  No. There is no heavy equipment brought onto your property, including your lawn. The machine used to make the curb is about the size of a push lawn mower.

  • Do you have cable in your curb?  Yes, he have 1/8” galvanized steel cable throughout all of our curb.

  • Your curb looks like individual, natural, stones, is it still one piece of continuous curb?  Yes, our curb is one continuous piece of curb with cable laid throughout.

  • Is the curb stained or dyed?  No, our concrete is colored through with iron-oxide pigments.  With this process, our concrete color will not flake or fade, sealing the curb yearly will keep your colors looking vibrant.

  • Will the curb shift over the years?  No, our curb is laid down to be as permanent as your home.  The cable holds the curbing strongly together, in place.

  • Will the curb crack or crumble over the years? Concrete curbing, like any other type of concrete, may crack. We control where the cracking occurs with expansion joints every two to four feet. If cracking does occur, it should be in the expansion joint. We experience very little cracking in our products; however, if there are any solid cracks out of the joint (over 1/8″), we will happily replace the damaged area during the warranty period.​

  • Will the color be true to the color chart after the curb is installed?  We do our best to make sure that the color is true to our color chart throughout your curbing; however, we cannot guarantee that the curb will match perfectly. The color of your curbing will be a very close representation of our color chart but may not be an exact match. Due to the variation in color pigment within the products used to color the concrete, there will be a slight difference in color across the curb when finished. This helps give your curbing a unique, textured, stone-like appearance.

  • How long do I have to stay off the curb?  The first 48 hours are the most important in the curb curing process. Make sure to keep all pets, children, neighbors, objects, etc. away from the curb for at least the first 48 - 72 hours.

  • When can I turn my sprinkler systems back on?  Sprinklers should also stay off for 48 - 72 hours while giving the curb time to cure.  After you turn on the sprinklers you may notice a white substance on the curb, called efflorescence.  It is not permanent and will go away with a light scrubbing with a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar.

  • When do I have to re-seal the curb?  The sealer we put on curb after installation is good for up to a year.  If you have aggregate concrete at your home you will want to seal the curb when you seal your aggregate (yearly if possible). If you aren’t sure when to re-seal look at the curb when it is wet vs dry. If the colors come through more true when it is wet, it’s time to re-seal.

  • How does the price of curbing installation compare to landscape blocks and bricks?  Believe it or not having curbing professionally installed by Middle Tennessee Curbing is comparable in price to “doing it yourself.”

  • What do you charge per linear foot?  A job is estimated on the basis of many factors including the amount of footage being installed, choice of styles, removal of sod or debris, preparation of the site, and ease of installation. Like every other construction project, it is necessary to obtain an estimate for your particular installation. Middle Tennessee Curbing provides FREE on-site estimates.


  • What forms of payment do you accept?  ​We accept all forms of payment including all major credit cards.

  • Will you come back and re-seal the curb when I need it?  Yes.  We charge $.80 a linear foot.  This includes power washing the curb to clean it and re-sealing it.